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(ARCHIVED) Listo™ Energy Management System

Listo™ is the All-In-One Solution to make your home ready for the future.

  • Enjoy Level 2 EV Charging at Home with no  electrical panel upgrades.

  • Get paid to charge at home - Listo™ owners qualify for recurring cash rebates under the Canadian Low Carbon Fuels Program.

  • Being ready for the future means being able to add a second EV, solar, A/C or batteries to your existing home.  Listo makes all this possible and more.

Included with Listo

  • Listo EMS Controller, UL/CSA Listed 304440

  • Listo Level 2 EVSE 40A/48A (3 Options), UL/CSA Listed

  • USB-C Controller Power Supply, UL Listed

  • 100/200A Current Transformers, UL Recognized

  • Wifi Repeater, RoHS certified

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Order Listo™ Now

Fill out this form to receive a purchase invoice via email.

1. Choose EVSE Option (Each Option is a complete Listo™ System including EVSE)



- Listo™ Premium 40A EVSE

$1795 CAD

$1570 CAD

Select Cable Option

- Listo™ Elite 40A EVSE (out of stock)

$1495 CAD

$1270 CAD

Select Cable Option

- Listo™ Elite + 48a EVSE 

$1595 CAD

$1370 CAD

Select Cable Option

*Price does not include shipping and taxes

2. Personal Details

3. Shipping Information - We ship via Purolator and UPS across Canada.  Your address is used to get you the best possible shipping price.

Success! Now that your order is submitted you will receive an email from with an invoice attached that you can pay online.

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