EV Charging: Condo Boards and Strata Councils

As a Condominium Board or Strata Council member, you have lots on your plate. So the last thing you need is more work.

That said, if you haven't had an owner ask about electric vehicles yet, you soon will.

The most common problem condo boards face is knowing where to start. An internet search will likely only leave you with even more uncertainty.  The information is plentiful but often contradictory, full of industry terms and jargon, and more focused on selling your products than explaining the problem.

Where to start?

We know the first step is to get informed, and that is why we've developed a presentation on EV charging that helps get all board members on the same page. 

We explain the basics of charging, the technical options available, the policy decisions you'll need to make, and present a proven process that you can follow to ensure that you select the best solution for your building and your owners.

If you would like to have us do a presentation for your board to help you learn more about EV Charging, contact us!