There is Electric Vehicle Charging...

...and then there is Unico Power 

Intelligent EV Charging

Owners and managers of multi unit buildings face additional challenges when making the decision to purchase an electric vehicle related to charging their vehicle.  But Unico Power believes everyone should be able to own an EV and everyone should be able to charge at home.  We don't just make it possible, we make it easy.

Our solution is simpler to install, easier to manage, and integrates seemlessly with third party systems.  All at a much lower installation and operating costs.  A win for EV owners and a win for the other unit owners too.

The process to implement EV charging in your building doesn't need to be difficult. Choose one of the links below to find out more about what implementing EV charging in Multi-Vehicle Environments looks like.

Property Manager

As more tenants purchase electric vehicles and seek the facilities to charge them, you are looking for a manageable way meet tenants expectations. 

Let Us Help you Out!

Condo Board

As a Condo Board member, you have a lot on your plate let us help you find the right solution for your Condo and make your process a simple one.

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EV Owner

Your advanced vehicle deserves an advanced charging solution. We have yo covered. 

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Building Owner

Tenants are starting to demand more electricity to charge their vehicles and run their devices. How can you maximize property value while controlling costs?

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