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Listo™ Energy Management System

Listo™ is the All-In-One Solution to make your home ready for the future. 

Enjoy Level 2 EV Charging at Home with no electrical panel upgrades!

  • Install Listo for Less - Let us help you take advantage of the various rebates and incentives for home charging that may be avaliable in your region.

  • Add a second EV, solar, A/C or batteries to your existing home - without electrical upgrades.  Set your home up for the future with Listo.

  • Save Everytime You Charge - The intelligent aspect of Listo allows owners to participate in Time-of-Use (TOU) Billing where applicable.

Included with Listo   

  • Listo EMS Controller, UL/CSA Listed 304440 

  • Listo Level 2 EVSE 40A/48A (3 Options), UL/CSA Listed USB-C Controller 

  • Power Supply, UL Listed 100/200A Current Transformers, UL Recognized 

  • Wifi Repeater, RoHS certified

Looking to Order in Volume?  Become a Certified Distributor.

Order Listo™ Now

Fill out this form to receive a purchase invoice via email.

1. Choose EVSE Option (Each Option is a complete Listo™ System including EVSE)



- Listo™ Premium 40A EVSE

MSRP $1499 USD

Select Cable Option

- Listo™ Elite 40A EVSE (out of stock)

MSRP $1249 USD

Select Cable Option

- Listo™ Elite + 48a EVSE (out of stock)

MSRP $1349 USD

Select Cable Option

*Price does not include shipping and taxes

2. Personal Details

3. Shipping Information - We Ship via trusted carries across the United States. Your address is used to calculate the best possible shipping rate.

Success! Now that your order is submitted you will receive an email from with an invoice attached that you can pay online.

"With more than 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, I understand all the factors involved in a major home upgrade like EV Charging.  When I looked at my customer’s options for EV energy management systems, Listo easily stood out as the most capable solution for the future. Listo was dead simple for my team to install, being like any other home EV charger installation."

- Jim Brunton, Island Technical Installations

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