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It’s Easier than you Think to get EV Charging in your Building.

Join the 100+ Buildings Who Have Chosen to Make EV Charging Simple and Affordable

First, Tell Us About Yourself

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I want know how EV Charging works in a multi-unit building.


My building is ready for EV Charging.


“Why Is it a Difficult Decision?”

Implementing EV Charging into a multi-unit building can seem like a headache - but it doesn’t have to be

You Must Consider:

Planning for the Future

The Best Solution

Maintaining the System

Organizing Parties

Three Simple Steps - 
How We Make it Easy.


Planning & Design






Planning is Everything.

Planning for the Future

You can’t add EV charging without acknowledging the needs of building as a whole.

What will your building’s needs be 10, 20, and 50+ years from now?

We build you a plan that integrates EV Charging into your building's future - today.

Choosing a Contractor

Many Electricians may claim to know EV charging.

Don’t risk working with an electrician that doesn’t understand your building’s best interest. It may cause greater troubles in the long-run.

With Unico Power, you gain access to our network of trusted installation partners.

These contractors understand EV charging codes and regulations, prioritizing your best interest for the future.

Billing - Taken Care Of.

Building managers do not need additional administrative tasks.

They need an EV charging system that is simple to manage.

We keep your life easy by offering standardized billing plans that are managed by us.


"How Much Does it Cost...?"

Every project is different. Most often people will say... “It depends”. That doesn’t help you much, so here’s an idea of the costs we’ve seen over past six years.



Typical Range

Core Infrastructure Cost

The heart of the system - Everything needed to support EV charging in the building, for now and the future.

This includes the Energy Management System, the Electrical Room Upgrades, and the Communication Network.

Typical Cost:

$X,XXX - $XX,XXX per building

Shared Distribution Cost

The Plumbing - The equipment needed to provide electricity to each desired parking stall.

This includes electrical panels, conduit and splitter boxes.

Typical Cost:

$X,XXX - $XX,XXX per building

Charging Station Installation Cost

The Units - The conduit and wiring from the splitter boxes to each individual charging station (EVSE).

Typical Cost:

$X,XXX - $XX,XXX per building

Total Initial Installation Cost

For a typical building with 50 participating parking stalls, wanting to install 8 EV Chargers initially, the cost may range from:

Typical Cost:

$X,XXX - $XX,XXX per building


"...And Who Pays for it?"

Early Adopters

Historically, the installation costs are split between a group of initial EV Charging participants.


Leverage potential rebates in your region to cut down on the costs of EV Charging Installation.


Superior Craftsmanship

Experience Matters

Our seasoned contractors have outfitted hundreds of buildings with thousands of EV Chargers.

Our installers understand the highest standards, building EV Charging systems that last the test of time.

110+ Buildings

18,000+ Parking Stalls

9+ Cities

Freedom to Scale

There’s nothing worse than a capital investment that requires constant overhaul.

To avoid costly upgrades, our system is installed so future charging can be easily accommodated without major changes.

You don’t have to install 50, 100, or 150+ Chargers all at once, you can start with a handful.

As more owners want to enjoy EV Charging, you can simply add additional charge points.

But What About the Electricity Needed to Support 50, 100, or 150+ People Charging Their EVs?


How We Create Affordable Charging For Everyone.

Imagine having to deny EV Charging to certain residents due to electricity constraints.

With Unico Pow
er's intelligent charging solution, there is no such thing as too much charging.

The Demand Problem

When many vehicles charge at the same time, a building's demand for electricity can substantially increase.

Increasing electricity demand can result in additional fees on top of the electricity cost, commonly know as "demand charges". 


These fees can sprout up and spiral into a significant monthly cost for the building.

Energy Management controls a building's power to avoid raising the electricity demand.

This avoids additional fees and allows everyone to charge affordably.


Energy Management in Action

The illustrative graph below is based on data from a real Unico Power site.

The red area represents a scenario where 20 EVs charge at full output for a year. 

The green area represents the same 20 EVs charged, but with Unico Power's energy management system controlling the output.


In both situations, the EVs charge to full when plugged in.  

Without energy management, high electricity demand causes extra fees on top of the electricity cost.

With energy management, the 20 EVs charge the same amount, only with less demand and none of the extra costs.

chart w_ legend.png

What's The Price of Additional Demand?

Who Does Excess Demand Cost?


Everyone Pays for Demand

In a typical multi-unit building, EV Charging falls under common power. 

Without energy management, unexpected extra costs can appear on the building's electricity bill.

Someone has to cover the extra cost, which will often fall on the building residents - even the ones that DON'T own EVs.

Avoid letting EV Charging costs spiral out of control.
Avoid causing trouble amongst residents.
Use Energy Management.


• Keeping Electricity Demand Under Control
• Avoiding Unexpected Costs
•Each EV Owner is Billed On What They Use
•Affordable Charging for Everyone


Simple and Hands Free.

Pain-Free Billing Process

A great EV Charging system is one that manages itself.


Our billing process is simple to set up and hands-off to manage.


We help you set an electricity rate to cover the cost of charging, then your work is done.


There is no need to collect from residents, we handle the monthly invoicing so you don't have to.

Day to Day Administration - Covered.

User Activation, Technical Support, Payment Support - we handle these topics directly with your buildings EV owners.

We offer plenty of educational resources for EV owners, to save you the trouble of explaining.


"How Long Does it Take?"

By utilizing our expertise and following this process, we’ve found that the project time is dramatically decreased, with many of our projects being completed from start to finish in 4-6 months. The industry average is more than a year.

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Here's to Making EV Charging Easy!

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