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Steps to Activate an account to use your Private Stall EV Charger:

NOTE: *before Unico Power can set up your EV Charger, a number of things are required. If your charger was recently installed, please confirm with the installation contractor that your charger’s information has been provided to Unico Power.  Your unit may have the power turned on, but without information on the wiring that must be provided by the electrical contractor, we will be unable to activate your EV charger.*

1. From any browser (eg. Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge) on your phone, desktop computer, or tablet enter the address

2. When prompted, enter the serial number of your charger (usually a 14-character sequence with location depicted in the diagram below).



3. Confirm that the details match and accept the Terms and Conditions.

4. Complete your account registration by entering payment details.

5. Go to From the support menu - select download the application guide for instructions on using the EV charging application.  *Note that the application is always accessed form a web browser and there is no application to download from the app store (apple) or play store (Android).  For information on how to add an app icon on the home screen of your phone, see the steps listed below.




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