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Energy Management System





Your Buildings Energy, Controlled Automatically.

You work hard, in fact you’ve been working hard for years. You can’t control inflation, but what if you could control your monthly expenses? After all, you shouldn’t have to pay more than you need to for EV charging. If you knew when electricity demand and prices were the lowest you could save money by only charging your car then, but how on Earth would you know that? That’s where Cerebro™ comes in. Cerebro™ is the all-encompassing director of your building’s charging infrastructure. It constantly monitors your building’s electrical usage, determining the time to charge that will keep you and your wallet the happiest. It’s as if your car has its own team of analysts working around the clock to benefit your bottom line. You already have too much going on in your life to have to worry about building load, peak demand and electricity prices. Just sign up, activate your charger and plug in, while Cerebro™ handles the rest, and you get back to what is most important to you.

Key Product Features

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The first of its kind – Other EV Charging providers do not even approach the problem of managing energy costs


Uses Revenue Grade Metering to measure building electricity – The North American Standard for accuracy


Vehicle Charging Cost is optimized automatically – All the user has to do is sign up and Activate their charger


Your Data is safe with us - Unico Power only uses the highest level of encryption for data among its networks

Ready to have a Unico Power System in your building?  Choose one of the options below.

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