Manage Property - And EV Charging

As more tenants purchase electric vehicles and seek the facilities to charge them, you must manage the day-to-day burden this places on the electrical infrastructure of the property. 

A few questions you will find asking yourself could include: 

  • Will an extra charging station exceed your building's capacity at peak times?

  • Will it cause the building's electricity costs to rise? 

  • Will you have to pass that high cost on to tenants?

  • Or should you place hard limits on EV charging, frustrating EV owners?

With Unico's power management solution, you can:

  • Set a flexible limit for all the EV chargers to make them adapt to the supply of power available at any moment

  • Automatically reduce usage at peak times to limits costs

  • Add other supplies of electricity including batteries, solar, and on-site generation to offset charging needs

  • Monitor and receive updates about the status of EV chargers on the property, saving time on in-person visits

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