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How to Request an EV Charger

1.  Approval
Contact your building management to determine the availability of EV Chargers in your building.  Your building's management is responsible for advertising the availability of EV Chargers.  Once this has been agreed on and signed, you will be assigned an EV charger in a numbered parking space.

2.  Unico Power App
From any browser (eg. Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge) on your phone, desktop computer, or tablet enter the address 

The Unico Power App is also available for iPhone and Android devices, and can be accessed below.
iPhone App Download
Android App Download

3.  Serial Number
When prompted, enter the serial number of your charger (usually a 14-character sequence with location depicted in the diagram below).

Up diagramAsset 51.png

4.  Confirm
Confirm that the details match and accept the Terms and Conditions.

5.  Payment
Complete your account registration by entering payment details.  Unico Power accepts most major credit cards and uses a secure, encrypted system for payment processing.

6.  App Guide
Go to From the support menu - select download the application guide for instructions on using the EV charging application. 

*Note that the application is always accessed form a web browser and there is no application to download from the app store (apple) or play store (Android).*  For information on how to add an app icon on the home screen of your phone, choose the appropriate link in the main landing page.

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