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How to get a private EVSE installed
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YourBuilding (NES0001)

453 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC | V5Y 1V4

Welcome to the YourBuilding EV Charging information page.  This page provides information on the Strata Policies, charging fees, installation requests, and activation procedures for residents of YourBuilding (NES0001).
                                        Key Contact Information

Building Manager - Jake,  555-867-5309

Property Manager - Iheerya Property Management, 845 Avison Way, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2 - Kent Dofrman

Strata contact: Lucille Ball,

Unico Power Support -

A:  Use and select type of support required using the buttons on the bottom of the home screen.

B:  Send an email to if you do not already have an account.

C:  Go to and choose "support" menu.

EV Charging Fees: Your EV charging fees have two components, the system management and service fees that are paid to Unico Power and the electricity usage fees that are paid to the Strata. 

The Unico Power management and billing fees for your EV charger are $19.95 monthly and include all support, management, billing, and administration for the system.


YourBuilding has selected a variable Rate billing plan that bills owners based on the amount of charging they do on a monthly basis.  The variable rate is set based on a fee of 15 Cents per estimated kilowatt hour.

Owners will be billed monthly by Unico Power (for both the Unico Power Fees and the Building Fees) and billing is set up when you activate your charging account.  There are no fees when the EV charger is not activated.

1. Steps to get an EVSE installed in your Private Stall:

1. Contact your building's strata (Lucille Ball, to discuss the need to sign an indemnity agreement.  An indemnity agreement is a contract between an indemnitee (Strata/Condo Board) and an indemnifier (EV Charging User) of liability regarding a certain activity, in this case, EV Charging.


2. Complete, Sign, and deliver the required indemnity agreement to the building manager or property manager (contact information is located the top of this page).

3. Contact your building's approved EV charger installation electrical contractor- Ion Electrical, Attn:  Provide your name, your building name and address, and your parking stall number (not your residential unit number).

4. The Electrical Contractor will provide you with an estimated cost for the installation.  Once the agreement is signed between you and the electrical contractor, the installation can proceed.

5. The contractor should notify the building manager and Unico Power of the proposed installation date.

6. Once the contractor has completed the installation and any necessary inspections are approved, they should notify Unico Power.  If this has not occurred, you will be unable to activate your EV charger.  You can contact Unico Power directly via email at and let them know your building, your electrical contractor, your parking stall, and the Serial number of your charger (see the steps on how to activate your EV charger for the location of the unit serial number).

7. Proceed to "Steps to Activate an account to use your Private Stall EV Charger" listed below.

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