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Temporarily or Permanently Deactivate your Account

This can be used when you are moving, going on extended vacation, or no longer charging an EV.

1.  Unico Power App
Go to and log in with your account information.

2.  Account
Select the Account link from the left hand menu.

3.  Deactivation
Scroll down to the section on Account Deactivation and Reactivation.

4.  Choose Dates
input the date you would like the account deactivated.  If you input a reactivation date, it will automatically be reactivated on that date.  If you leave the reactivation date blank, it will remain deactivated indefinitely and you can enter the reactivation date at a later time.

5.  Fees

Unico Power will not bill the user or building for fees (depending on the plan your building has chosen) while an account is deactivated. 

Users with a plan where the building fees may have to work directly with their management to determine if the building will continue to charge them fees.

Refer to the application guide here or by navigating to, selecting the "more" tab and choosing "app guide".

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