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Every building is unique.

We believe everyone should be able to own an EV and everyone should be able to charge at home.  We don't just make it possible, we make it easy.


Our solution is simple to install, easier to manage, and integrates seamlessly with third party systems.  All at much lower installation and operating costs.  A win for EV owners and a win for the other unit owners too.


The process to implement EV charging in your building doesn't need to be difficult. Choose one of the links to the right to find out more about what implementing EV charging in Multi-Vehicle Environments looks like.


Learn how our solutions can work for you.


The future comes fast. Let's make sure you're ready for it.

As more tenants purchase electric vehicles and seek the facilities to charge them, you must manage the day-to-day burden this places on the property's electrical infrastructure.

Our Intelligent Energy Management System maximizes use of the building’s existing infrastructure by sharing the building’s limited spare power across
multiple charging stations, while still ensuring every vehicle gets fully charged every night.

A few questions you might find yourself asking:

Will an extra charging station exceed your building's capacity at peak times?

Will it cause the building's electricity costs to rise?

Will you have to pass that high cost on to tenants?

Or should you place hard limits on EV charging, frustrating EV owners?

With Unico Power's management solution you can:

Set a flexible limit for all the EV chargers to make them adapt to the supply of power available at any moment

Automatically reduce usage at peak times to limits costs

Add other supplies of electricity, including batteries, solar, and on-site generation to offset charging needs

Monitor and receive updates about the status of EV chargers on the property, saving time on in-person visits

Image by Chris Barbalis
Image by Adam Birkett


Management made easy.

As a Condominium Board or Strata Council member, you have lots on your plate. So the last thing you need is more work.

That said, if you haven't had an owner ask about electric vehicles yet, you soon will.

The most common problem condo boards face is knowing where to start. An internet search will likely only leave you with even more uncertainty.  The information is plentiful but often contradictory, full of industry terms and jargon, and more focused on selling your products than explaining the problem.

Where to start?

We know the first step is to get informed, and that is why we've developed a presentation on EV charging that helps get all board members on the same page.

We explain the basics of charging, the technical options available, the policy decisions you'll need to make, and present a proven process that you can follow to ensure that you select the best solution for your building and your owners.



Don't just meet the demand. Control the demand.

Building tenants will demand more electricity to charge their vehicles and run their devices. How can you maximize building value while keeping costs under control? 

With Unico Power's centralized energy management solution! 

  • Manage the load produced by electric vehicles, allowing maximum use of existing capacity without risk of exceeding the buildings' electrical capacity.

  • Avoid or delay costly upgrades to electrical infrastructure.

  • Make your building's EV chargers part of a scalable system that will cost less to manage as it grows.

Image by John Unwin
Image by Nick Fox


We'll make sure you always have time for the road.

An advanced vehicle deserves an advanced charging solution. Our electric vehicle charging management provides the smart, real-time capability fit for a dynamic energy environment, keeping your charging predictable and inexpensive.

Monitor the charging of your vehicle via your smartphone. Know how fast your car is charging and how much it is costing - set limits and receive estimates

Reduce your load on the grid - and avoid peak electricity charges.

Position yourself to take advantage of future developments in smart grids and energy management.




Like what you see? Contact us and we'll get you set up with the right person.

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