Unico Power offers Smart Energy Solutions that are specifically tailored for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) and commercial buildings.

What are Smart Energy Solutions?  These are solutions that use real-time information to manage, control, reduce energy consumption and energy costs in your building.  Smart solutions look at all sources that demand electricity and heat, then automatically controls consumption in a manner tailored to the owner's desires. 

Read more below, and discover how our solutions can benefit you, and contact us to find out how we can help you understand your options in the rapidly changing environment of power generation and consumption.

Why focus on providing solutions for MURBs?

The nature of ownership in these buildings has traditionally made it difficult and expensive to implement charging in parking areas. There are also more limitations on the amount of power available for charging. This makes managing and administering billing for energy usage more difficult. 


We ensure that tenants in Condos and Apartments can charge at home without incurring high costs to themselves or their fellow non EV driving neighbours.


In the majority of urban areas, Multi-Unit Residential Buildings make up the largest portion of housing.


But we don't stop at MURBS, the Unico Power solution works equally well for any location where multiple vehicles need to charge at once - parking garages, fleets, commercial buildings, and hotels.

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