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Intelligent EV Charger





More than just an EV Charger.

At Unico Power, we understand your vehicle is your pride and joy.  But an EV is more than just joy, it’s your means of living.  Being such an important tool, it’s only right that it be paired with a charger that is swift, responsive and convenient.  What if you could have your EV fully charged every night while saving money? Aprisa™ EV Chargers are custom manufactured for Unico Power, and unlike other EV Chargers, are not stuck charging at a fixed rate.  That’s right - the Aprisa™ uses an encrypted network to communicate with other Unico Power Devices to ensure you and your building never pay more than you should for EV Charging, while providing you with a full charge by morning. 

Key Product Features

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Level 2 Charger (208 Volts, up to 32 Amps) – Wake up to a full Charge


CSA/UL Approved – Safe and Premium Quality


Uses Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Communication - The global standard for Intelligent EV Charging Infrastructure.


Charging is controlled by owners Smartphone, Tablet or Computer via Unico Power’s proprietary web application.

Ready to have a Unico Power System in your building?  Choose one of the options below.

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