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The inner workings.

We're innovators, developers, system designers, problem solvers. We're the self-proclaimed pioneers of the digital age.

Image by Avinash Kumar


We're innovators, developers, system designers, communicators and problem solvers.

​Our mission is to revolutionize the electric vehicle charging experience for condo residents. We are dedicated to providing sustainable, convenient, and accessible charging solutions for condo buildings. By partnering with condo communities, we aim to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

​We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, reliability, and innovation to meet the evolving needs of condo residents.  Our goal is to create a future where electric vehicles are the norm and everyone has the ability to charge their vehicles with ease and confidence.

Our histories come from everywhere, made up of different cultures, different languages, different places on planet earth. We come together under the umbrella of a better, smarter tomorrow. That sort of passion doesn’t need a translator or a step-by-step guide to figure it out.


We believe that building a better future starts from ground zero. That means putting the work in, aiming high, and sticking to our guns.

We’re all about the peaks. Not the snowy white-capped mountains, but the highs and lows on energy consumption. When the lows get low, we’ll find ways to crank it up to milk the most out of what we have. When the highs get high, we focus on levelling the bar so the bank never breaks.


Our ideas come from a place of change. To build a smart system, you need a smart foundation, a good group of people who want to get things done, and a message that stands out in this wacky, wild world we live in.


The future has our name written on it, and we’re walking that road to the end. We’ll handle the twists and turns, and all the bumps along the way. The point is, our engines are roaring loud, and we’re putting our pedal to the metal.


No pit stops.


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