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Gateway Device





Secure communication to all corners of your building, guaranteed.

Ever tried making a phone call in an underground parkade? Chances are it wasn’t great. Unico Power only does things that are great, so when the challenge of broadcasting radio communication in thick concrete parkades arose, we knew we needed something simple yet powerful. That’s where the Faro™ comes in, it is the gateway that keeps your building’s EV Charging communicating clearly. The Faro™ uses encrypted LoRa technology to overcome the complex designs of modern parking garages in order to keep your vehicle charging at the optimal price.

Key Product Features

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Flexbility - The Faro™ ensures that Unico Powers EV Charging Solution can be fitted to any building's design


Supeioriry - State of the Art LoRa technology can broadcast longer distances than wifi


Undisturbed - The Faro™ uses it's own radio channel to avoid signal disruption


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