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Charging activation is completed using any web browser – mobile or desktop, Windows, or Mac. There may be slight differences from the screenshots in this guide depending on how you are activating, but because we used a web-based application, we can assure you it will work. There is no need to download an application to your device.

Before attempting your first charging session, ensure that you have received a welcome email from Unico Power and followed the instructions to set up your account and login. If you haven’t received it or can’t locate the email, please contact your building representative, or you can contact Unico Power.

Step 1.  We recommend that you start by driving to the shared charger that you want to use and plugging your car into the charger, prior to starting this guide. It’s not required, but it simplifies the process.

Step 2: Use a browser on your device to visit

Step 3: Log in using the method you selected when you created the account.

Step 4 (shared chargers only): Once you log in, you will see a list of the shared chargers you want to use. Only chargers that are not in use will be available to activate. You can plug your car in before or immediately after activating. When ready, click the Activate button for the charger that you plugged (or are about to plug) into.

Step 5: You will be taken to the charging status screen. The left side  shows the charger status and buttons for controlling it, including enabling and disabling of private chargers. The right side shows measurements including the most recent measured current and general information about the charging station.

It may take a minute for the building controller to allocate power and confirm that the car is charging. The charger may go through a few different states before it starts charging. This may include Available / Unplugged, Preparing, or Sleep (while the Energy Management System is waiting the charging current the charger should provide).

When your building is experiencing peak demand for power from the devices there, the EV chargers may be temporarily reduced to minimum power or enter sleep mode, to avoid substantial demand charges from the electric utility.

Boost: Power may also be limited due to the available capacity of an electrical circuit that powers the charging station, mainly due to other charging stations being allocated power at the same time. In this case (usually, when charging at a low current that is above the minimum current), you can use one of your monthly boost tokens to receive several times as much power as the unboosted stations for the rest of the charging session. To do so, click the Boost button. A pop-up will ask you to confirm this choice.

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