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Setting up your account

  1. Unico Power Uses a Web-Based Application for Users to manage their EV charging.  Click Here to enter the Web Application and sign up for an account.

  2. Enter the serial number of a charger (usually a 12-character sequence* located on a label on the side of the unit, pictured in the diagram below).  This can be your private charger, or any shared charger (this will let give you access to all the shared chargers in your location). *Note - the letters O and I are not used in serial numbers, these are the numbers 0 (Zero) or 1 (One).

Up diagramAsset 51.png

3.  Confirm that the details of the building, charger location and information match and accept the Terms and Conditions.
4.  Complete the account registration by entering your payment details.
5.  Activate the charging station that you wish to use.

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