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Get Started with Shared Charging

1.  Navigate to Landing Page
Each Unico Power building has a unique webpage dedicated to its EV Charging information.  These landing pages contain information on billing for shared charging and walk you through the signup process.

To access your building's landing page:


a) If your shared charger is a Maquina or Maquina Pro (fig. 1) - simply scan the QR code to go directly to the landing page.  From there navigate to “Use Shared Chargers”.

b) If your shared charger is an Aprisa or Serio (fig. 2) - please speak to the building manager or concierge to obtain the landing page URL. 

c) If you are not able to obtain the URL from any of the methods above, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help. 

Maquina and Maquina Pro.png

Fig 1. Maquina and Maquina Pro EV Chargers -  Scan QR Code located on device

Aprisa and Serio.png

Fig 2. Aprisa and Serio EV Chargers - Speak to the building concierge, management, or other EV owners for the landing page URL.

2.  Choose "Use Shared Chargers"
Choose the option "Use Shared Chargers" from the main menu (pictured below).  The steps include signing up for a Unico Power account, providing payment information, and linking your account to the charger you will use.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 2.55.32 PM.png

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